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Remedies a woman can avail under The protection of women from the Domestic Violence Act

Domestic violence against women in our country is a widespread issue that affects people from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Domestic violence is defined as the abuse of power by one individual in a relationship to assert power over another. It is the use of violence and other forms of abuse to establish control and fear in a relationship. Physical assault, psychological abuse, social abuse, financial abuse, and sexual assault are all examples of violence.

Domestic violence is the most common form of violence against women. It affects women across different age groups, in the form of forced suicide and abuse, and can be found in every society around the world.

Remedies available for a woman under the protection of women from domestic violence Act 

  • Protection officers are appointed under the act, these officers are generally women, and are available to your complaints 24/7 in your local police station. 
  • In case, a woman is unable to write a complaint owing to illiteracy or being under shock, the protection officer can take the oral complaint of the woman, and the officer herself can deduce it to writing, and take the signature or thumb impression of the aggrieved woman.
  • A woman, if she dreads going to the police station owing to the stigmas associated with the same., can also approach service providers, these service providers are none other than the NGOs that serve in the areas of providing support to women suffering abuse. 
  • Women can seek, a protection order, Monetary compensation, Custody of their child, Right to reside in the shared residence, 
  • The aggrieved woman can also seek medical facilities or aid from the protection officers. 

A lady can file a complaint of domestic violence from any of the following places ; 

  • The place where the woman permanently or temporarily resides. 
  • The place from where she runs a business / is employed 
  • The place where the opposite party resides. 
  • The place where the incident happened. 

The Prevention of women from Domestic violence act is effective legislation, for the victimized woman in our country. It came into effect on October 2006, and it has proved its mettle since then.

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