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Individual Volunteers

A welcome call to all those talented humans, to help us out in conducting sessions on arts and crafts, yoga, storytelling sessions, Sports, etc.

Teach a Child Online

We need volunteers who can mentor and teach a child one on one on subjects like science, math and languages. volunteers who have a fair idea about teaching and interacting with young children are preferred.

Legal Aid

We are on the lookout for lawyers, who are interested in supporting the poor and vulnerable to get justice. We are a team of lawyers, who will help and assist our volunteer advocates to pioneer the cause of the poor. It really needs a heart to look beyond monetary benefits and serve the weaker sections of our society to rise up.

Why Volunteer with Us?

We believe in the Power of One. One willing heart can change the life of many. We call out to all the kind souls with a compelling spirit to make a change. Come, join us in building lives, and making way for those marginalized with poverty, abuse, and illiteracy. 

Come and be a part of the revival, become a mentor, a teacher, or a caregiver to vulnerable children. They await you, as you decide to take this leap. 

We know that the Joy of giving is the best form of happiness experienced by mankind, we welcome you to experience it with us, by helping hundreds and thousands of women to overcome their weaknesses, and to show them the path of freedom and hope. 

Let us together build a stronger and safer India, for women and children.

We need your voice, join us!

Please use one of the forms linked below. You’ll typically receive a response within six business days.

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