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Spreading The Magic called BOOKS

"Reading should not be presented to children as a chore, a duty. It should be offered as a gift."
Kate DiCamillo

Reading is the best use of time and mind. The generation that reads, is the generation that prospers. The Waymaker Initiative conducted many drives seeking preloved books in good condition, and we received some great responses, wherein we could collect almost one thousand and odd books from Bangalore. Thanks to all the friends who contributed and spread the word. 

Our plan with these donated books was to enable the concept of an English library in a rural Government school in Piravanthoor Kerala. This school did not have a Library and English books were a rarity. Our team at the Waymaker initiative interacted with each child in the school, and understood their interests, and hobbies, which in turn helped us to curate the collection of books that would interest the children.


We transported these preloved books donated  in good condition, and some of them were even brand new books, and set up a book exhibition for the children at the Government school, as they laid their hands on some of these books, they were wonder struck, the room was filled with them shouting WOW, and as some of them picked up science fictions, star wars and books on sports, the others were keen on learning about transportation and Moral stories. 

Today, the St Mary´s Upper Primary school has a functioning library, with a full time teacher assigned for regular distribution of books. The Joy of Reading has caught up with the kids, they seek to learn more and read more. 

A big heads up to our donors and Volunteers who have taken the effort to procure books and funded us to procure books as well. The Waymaker Initiative, is ever grateful and the lives of many children are impacted. 

“ thank you so much for such amazing selection of books, really i have never seen anything like these... they are so beautiful and informative...
Class-VI Student

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