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Our first Wisdom Centre Inauguration at Bengaluru, Karnataka

Never Mistake knowledge for wisdom, One helps you make a living and the other helps you make a LIFE.

Reading textbooks and writing exams are very integral and much needed to academically train a child, but the wholesome development of a child requires great effort and breaking barriers. It has really been a fight with suppressed thinking, shut dreams, and dropped hopes, as our NGO has strived to raise kids with faith, hope, and unfettering determination. 

The Concept of Wisdom centers is the brainchild of our NGO, wherein we train children from government schools and schools from remote areas of our country, who lack good infrastructure and educational resources, in a classroom equipped with computers/digital resources and a Reading Corner/Library.

Our Wisdom Centre at Bangalore, in an institution named Government Higher Primary School is located in a small village area called Bileshivale. On our meeting with the Head Mistress of the school, We were welcomed with open arms, the school needed many amenities such as a drinking water facility for children, classrooms equipped with fans, etc. However, channelising our objective, we decided to curate a classroom, equipped with electrical lighting, a fan, and also computers and books. 

We designed a child-friendly space, where children of this small school will be filled with awe and eagerness to come in and learn new things. Since our establishment, we have taught them from basic English poems to the fascinating pyramids of Egypt. We talk about broadening our perspectives through travel, reading, and meeting people without inhibitions. 

We have instilled in these children the value and importance of inclusion in society and how not to limit themselves owing to the challenges of their upbringing or their financial situation, but to have an open and willing mind to embrace differences and challenges. It is in their happiness and growth that we find our resolve to push through the barriers, as we know the fight is worth it.

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