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Laptop donation for digital classroom Initiative

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” - John Dewey

Amongst the many concerns that our country is facing today, one of them is the lack of digitalization of schools, especially primary and lower primary schools. Children at their rudimentary age, have to be exhibited with creative forms of learning, thereby enabling the growth of their creativity. Today the world around has grown to the usage of greater levels of technology in teaching and learning, whereas many schools in our country are still lagging behind in inculcating audio-visual classes in their schools.

We are strong believers in the positive power of technology in building a stronger and more creative learning ecosystem in schools, and we started our search for schools that lack this infrastructure. And our search led us to Government Higher Primary School Bileshivale, located in an underdeveloped village area of Bangalore City, this school is equipped with enthusiastic teachers who desire to conduct classes with help of projectors and laptops, however, they did not have the resources for the same. Therefore, We pitched in and Along with establishing a fully-fledged Computer Lab under our Wisdom centers Project, we also donated a Laptop, which would aid the teachers in teaching an audio Visual Class with the help of the projectors in the Wisdom Centers established by us. 

Today, This school is  digitally equipped and children are regularly using and learning computer skills. We aspire to change many such schools into digitalised learning centers. Join Hands with us today, to bring the power of technology in learning to children from Marginalized and economically backward communities. 

"I loved drawing on paint with the mouse, I first drew a picture of my home with my parents and brother in it. ”   
Class-VII Student

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