Wisdom Centre Project

Project Detail

This project is designed to impart a wholesome development platform to the children of underdeveloped and rural government schools. It aims at developing computer skills, building reading habits, imparting Life skills, and lastly, we enable children from remote areas to communicate in English.


According to the Government agency on National Investment promotion and facilitation, Every minute, 25-30 people are migrating to cities from villages in India. A great number of people migrate to cities, aspiring for a brighter future in IT or any manner of labor that yields greater economic benefit. Children/adults  migrating from villages face the challenge of speaking fluent English and using the technologies of the cities is very cumbersome for them.


Our Wisdom Centres aim at imparting creative learning experiences to the children, by exposing them to a better quality of teaching through computer labs and enhancing their learning by imparting reading skills. These centers also aim at improving the communication skills of the children in English.

Date: 01 May, 2021

Beneficiary: Rural Schools

Location: Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu.

Category: Education