Project Detail

The Student Support program is a wonderful initiative of our NGO. This has opened doors of quality education to many children from families unable to afford their education. This project is executed in two different manners, firstly, the support is provided in the form of a one-time or recurring grant, based on the educational need of the student. Secondly, by providing full-time scholarships to the students. In both ways, the students are handheld at every step by our NGO to pursue the path of education with perseverance.


Lack of education is the root cause of much societal malice in our country. A recent survey shows that Child trafficking for begging, sex trade, organ trade, etc amongst children is a result of a lack of access to quality education and low literacy levels in India. Poverty forces them into harsh realities.

Our Solution

Ensuring children are equipped with education, is key to ensuring their safety. Our Student support program is one drop of hope in that ocean, of illiteracy that prevails amongst the children of our great nation. We prioritize the education of the children, through everyday handholding the students, ensuring the emotional well-being of the child through their journey to find freedom in learning.

Date: 1st June, 2022

Beneficiary: Students

Location: India

Category: Education