Project Detail

This project aims to lessen the technological gaps that exist in some of the rural schools of India. As a pilot project, we are planning to install smart televisions in 10 rurals schools across India. Through this we aim to impart education in an effective way in some of the understaffed government schools, through the help of Digital devices such as Smart TVs, Laptops, etc. 


According to the statistics, nearly 55 % out of 260 million school children, go to government schools. And the data also says that there is a shortage of nearly one million teachers in our Government schools. Put in other words, one in six teaching posts in Government schools is empty. This impacts the children in an adverse manner. 

Our Solution

We bridge this gap between imbalanced student-teacher ratio, by supporting these rural schools with the latest technological support to conduct effective and impacting classes. Our Government has done an amazing job in bringing the entire content of the school syllabus on online platforms like and the youtube channel of Karnataka education Board, along with many other axillary youtube channels posting content on learning.

Date: 1st August, 2022

Beneficiary: Rural schools

Location: Karnataka, India

Category: Education